Arrow Root



Arrow root or cí gū(慈姑) is one of those strange vegetables that we eat only once or twice a year, but every time we have it, we wonder why we don’t cook them more often. Truth is that most of these tubers are harvested to make arrow root starch and most people don’t know what to do with them. That said, they do show up around Chinese New Year in Asian markets and perhaps it coincides with the season of these tubers but I actually have never research it. They have a unique flavor that grows on you, similar to a water chestnut but the texture of a potato.

If you ever come across some in your local Asian store. You must get a small bag and immediately run over to the butcher counter for a nice piece of pork belly to make one of Bill’s favorite recipes, Braised Pork Belly with Arrow Root. Judy really hit the target with this recipe because it is unbelievably good and so easy to make! It’s probably the only recipe you’ll ever need for arrowroot.