Mitrofresh offers a very extended range of different mushrooms. We are Europe’s biggest importer/exporter of different mushrooms from Asia. We offer multiple wild-, cultivated-, Asian- and Dried Mushrooms.

Quality & Passion

Mitrofresh has a Joint Venture with one of the biggest Asian mushroom nurseries. These nurseries have just as much passion for mushrooms as Mitrofresh. This is why we can promise our customers that they will only get the best quality.

Range of Mushrooms

Mitrofresh delivers cultivated and wild paddenstoelen.

ChantarelleGolden Enoki
BoletusChestnut Mushroom
Black Trompet(King) Oyster
MorillePorto Bello
Pied de MoutonPom Pom Blanc
TrufflePink Oyster
Chantarelle YellowShii-take Dutch
MousseronShimeji White
St. GeorgesWhite Mushrooms Close Cup
Hakurait-take (Akurataki)Flats
Shimeji BrownMini Shii-take
NamekoHorse Mushroom
Shiitake (Chinese)Pied Blue
EnokiYellow Oyster


Our team at MitroFresh is always on the lookout for suppliers and costumers. Ar you as passioned about mushrooms as we are? Reach out to us for a possible coöperation or to place your order.