Mitrofresh also offers different kinds of exotic fruit. When you are looking for a specific kind of exotic fruit, you can always contact us. Maybe we can do something for you and add it to our range of exotic fruits.

Quality & Passion

Mitrofresh travels to places all over the world to find new kinds of exotic fruits and to examine our products. Our enthusiasm for the whole range causes a proper investigation of our products. With this investigation we can make sure that our customers can expect best, and nothing but the best.

Range of Exotic Fruits

Aubergine (  茄子 )Luffa ( 丝瓜 )
Bitter Melon ( 苦瓜 )Lychee ( Quả Vải )
Cassava ( 木薯 )Mangetout ( 荷兰豆 )
Chayote ( 佛手瓜 )Papaya Green ( Đu Đủ Xanh )
Dragon Fruits ( Thanh long )Passion Fruits ( Chanh Dây )
Eddoes ( 小芋头 )Rambutan ( Chôm chôm )
Garlic ( 蒜头 )Sugar Snaps ( 甜豆 )
Ginger ( 姜 )Sweet Potato ( 番薯 )
Lauki ( 蒲瓜 )Taro Head ( 大芋头 )
Long Bean ( 长豆 )