We provide Shii-Take in three weight classes: 1500g en 5000g. Please make a selection and order your desired products. In case you want it in both weights, please add them both to you shopping cart.

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Additional information

1500 g Inloggen

Product specifications

Prescriptions presentations/ product quality

The content of the packaging must be uniform concerning:


  • Origin
  • Quality
  • Size


The visible part of the content of each packing unit should be representative.



Product quality

  • No bacterial spots or signs of fungus
  • Free of abnormal external humidity
  • Free of parasites
  • Packing material should be correct, intact and clean
  • No foreign substances in the packing unit, low residue of forest land.


MF guarantees that the product is not genetically modified.


Product prescriptions

Origin: Holland, China, Spain, Portugal

Class: Class I

Official control mark: N.A.

Use by / best before: Client Specific



Identification: Pallet label / label

Packing possibilities: Client specific

Traceability: Intern at Mitrofresh

Temperature of delivery:

  • A
  • 0
  • 0


Microbiological properties at delivery


E.coli: max. 100 CFU/g

Salmonella: absent in 25g

Coag. Pos. Staphylococcus < 100 CFU/g

Listeria monocytogenes < 100 CFU/g

  • Regulation (EG) 852/2004 concerning food hygiene
  • Regulation (EG) 2073/2005 concerning microbiological criteria
  • Regulation (EG) 396/2005 concerning pesticiden
  • Regulation (EG) 1881/2006 concerning specific contaminants
  • Regulation (EG) 1935/2004 concerning materials destined to make contact with food
  • Regulation (EG) 2218/89 concerning maximum levels for certain contaminants in foodstuffs